At Bracken’s Kitchen we believe that we all share two universal and powerful human needs that run deep within. The need to breathe and the need to eat.  As we all know however, air is free and food is not.

That simple yet powerful fact speaks to the heart of Bracken’s Kitchen and our belief that there is nothing on earth more powerful than food. It has the ability to truly change a person’s life in ways that are unimaginable. Beyond being a necessity for survival, food is a universal force that brings people together in wonderfully positive ways. There truly is no more intimate way to get to know a person than sharing a meal with them.

Food truly can inspire and change lives.

From our little kitchen, Betsy can prepare and serve a complete, tasty and nutritious meal for well under a dollar. For just .58 cents we can serve a dinner of Pan Seared Breast of Chicken with Tomatoes & Artichokes, Brown Rice Pilaf, Roasted Autumn Vegetables, Bibb Salad with Balsamic & Herbs and Fresh Fruit.

Will you help us feed the less fortunate in our community?

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