The Original California Clam Chowder

The Original California Clam Chowder

Smoked Clam and Corn Chowder with Chipotle Cream

Bacon                                        1 cup diced
Onions                                      1 cup diced
Celery                                        1 cup diced
Jalapeno                                   1 each
Smoked Clams                        1 pound
Corn Kernels                           2 lbs
Chicken Stock                         1 quart
Cream                                       1 quart
Bay Leaf                                   1 each
Thyme Sprig                            few
Parsley Stems                          few
White Pepper Corns               few


In a large pot saute the bacon and render out the fat. When about half cooked add in the onions, celery, jalapeno and clams. Continue to cook and sweat well.

When the clams are just cooked remove about 4 ounces and reserve for garnish. These you can chill and chop up. At the same time you can remove a spoon full of the vegetables as well for garish.

Add in the stock and cream to the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook for about 15-20 minutes over very low heat. Half way through add in the aromatics.

Remove from the heat and place all ingredients, except the clams in a blender and blend well. Only fill the blender about half way and once it is blending well slowly drop in the pieces of clam. As the clams will be quite rubbery at this point you want to be careful not to add to many at once and over whelm the blender.

Once blended strain through a chinoise and place back in a pot with the garnish bring to a simmer, adjust seasoning and serve at once. Garnish the top of the bowl with the chipotle cream!!

If you desire you can keep the garnish separate and neatly place in the bottom of a soup plate with a dollop of the cream and then laddle the soup in front of your dinner guests

Chef BrackenThe Original California Clam Chowder

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