At Bracken’s Kitchen, we are building our Trio of Services that, like a great trio of desserts, goes together perfectly.

We will use our Culinary Training Program in conjunction with our Rescued Food Program to support and supply Our Food Truck Feeding Program with all that it needs.

While we will offer culinary training to anyone who has a desire and the need it is our plan to focus with young adults aging out of the foster system giving them the chance for a better life and future beyond what they have known. In particular we will work with Orangewood Childrens Foundation in this area to provide opportunities to the children that they serve.

With our rescued food program we are partnering with LA Specialty and their Chef’s To End Hunger program to use the excess prepared food that would normally go to waste in hotels, restaurants, and other food service operations to prepare nutritious and tasty meals for those who need it most.

In doing so we hope to not only supply our own food truck feeding program but also be a resource for high quality and healthy meals to those other smaller non profit organizations who can benefit from our culinary skill.

Chef BrackenOur Trio of Services