Living in Southern California is not cheap and the new economic reality has left many people facing the choice between food & groceries or paying for rent and other life necessities on a regular basis”, says Bill. To add to the burden, the lack of public transportation makes it very difficult for those in need to connect to those organizations that can help them. I have seen friends lose their jobs over the past few years and have witnessed the impact it has had on their families, says Bill, the emotional struggle alone is often times more than some people can overcome.

In contemplating how to best help those in need, one of the main obstacles that we kept running into is the lack of mass transportation in Southern California. While the face of those in need has changed over time, public transportation in Southern California has not. Unlike other major metropolitan areas Southern California does not benefit from a subway, “L” or other large mass transportation systems for those without a car or can afford the outlandish price of gasoline today. Our original plan was to build a restaurant modeling the success of Jon Bon Jovi’s “Soul Kitchen” in Red Bank New Jersey. However without the ease of mass transportation we have decided to bring the restaurant to them.

With that in mind Bracken’s Kitchen has jumped on the growing popularity of food trucks as a means to help those in need. With a mobile kitchen / restaurant we bring the food to those who need it most. By networking with churches and other nonprofit agencies that provide for those in need, Bracken’s Kitchen will be able to announce when and where they will be feeding.


The goal of Bracken’s Kitchen is to provide high quality and healthy meals on a regular basis to those who need it most. Our hope is that by providing meals on a regular basis we can lessen the financial burden of those in need and their precious few dollars can be spent on housing and other important life necessities.

While the goal of the food truck will be to feed, it is also our goal to eventually become self-supporting by selling food on those days that we are not feeding. To further expand the impact that Bracken’s Kitchen hopes to have in our community it is our goal to partner with various organizations to help employ those individuals who need a job most.

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