Two years into this gig of feeding the less fortunate and I continue to be amazed in so many ways.  The surprises continue to come most often from those that we serve.  Amazing is the grace that I am given regularly. We live in a world and country where poverty comes with a stigma.  Money, career success, a beautiful family, … Read More


He Just Wanted To Die

  What is your name the paramedic asked? David, he replied… Do you know what day it is? Do you know where you are at? What year is it? The questions continued for a couple of minutes. We had just finished our weekly dinner service at Ross Street and were feeling uplifted.  Molly and Luke came with me to serve … Read More

Chef BrackenHe Just Wanted To Die


As I sit in the Phoenix airport waiting for the final leg of our trip back to Orange County my mind and heart is full of thoughts and emotions.  I have heard the word “legacy” mentioned more times in the past week than I have in the past 10 years.  It has been tattooed on my heart. Ten days ago … Read More


My Mont Blanc Moment

I have talked often about what Bracken’s Kitchen has done for me over the past 3 ½ years but I continue to be amazed by the moments of self-realization that I encounter.  I had one of those recently, one I have dubbed my “Mont Blanc Moment”. I have truly been blessed throughout my career to be able to meet, get … Read More

Chef BrackenMy Mont Blanc Moment

# Recovered

For a brief moment panic was setting in and I wondered if they could see it on my face.  I had been working on Bracken’s Kitchen for over 4 years with the last 6-9 months focused on getting our recovered food program off the ground and here I was staring at about 30 pans of recovered food.    All my creative … Read More

Chef Bracken# Recovered

The Original California Clam Chowder

The Original California Clam Chowder Smoked Clam and Corn Chowder with Chipotle Cream Bacon                                        1 cup diced Onions                                      1 cup diced Celery   … Read More

Chef BrackenThe Original California Clam Chowder

They served us, shouldn’t we serve them…

When I started Bracken’s Kitchen, over 3 years ago, I was astounded by the experiences that I was able to have while building our little kitchen that can.  I thought I was “AWARE” of the world we lived in and the many challenges both good and bad that face so many people.  OK, maybe not aware of the world but … Read More

Chef BrackenThey served us, shouldn’t we serve them…

Fresh From the Kitchen

MESSAGE FROM THE CHEF I can already tell that 2016 will be a great one. More than ever, Bracken’s Kitchen is charging full speed ahead to combat food insecurity and taking the strides to be one of the most effective hunger-focused organizations in Orange County. We have added passionate team members to help grow Bracken’s Kitchen behind-the-scenes who are dedicated … Read More

Chef BrackenFresh From the Kitchen

Contributor or Consumer, Are you helping others?

“LETTUCE EAT” was going to be the name of the restaurant. I had developed a business plan based around a salad and sandwich concept. I fell in love with a new and popular salad shop and built my plans around that concept with a few twists. I described our food and menu as a trumped up version of theirs. From … Read More

Chef BrackenContributor or Consumer, Are you helping others?