Because Feeding People Isn’t The Same As Nourishing Them…

Our Mission

To minister to the underserved in our communities by pioneering a creative new approach to combatting both the issues of food insecurity and the larger issues of poverty in Southern California.

Our Vision

Through creative collaboration and a foundation of compassion we will partner with like minded individuals and organizations to build a sustainable model that utilizes culinary creativity to serve those people suffering from both the ongoing effects of poverty and  food insecurity.

Bracken’s Kitchen

When people think of Orange County, images of Disneyland, beautiful beaches, custom yachts, and good times come to mind. Orange County is a unique and wonderful mecca and those are real images of the wonderful side of life in Orange County. However, mixed among the sand, sun and palm trees you will find a harsh reality, hunger . . . Real hunger is as abundant in Orange County as the sandy beaches.

While the face of hunger has changed over the years the problem still exists. The ongoing economic challenges that we face has had a profound impact across a broad spectrum of people over the past five years. Many of the people who once could be relied upon to give in support of hunger relief are now standing in lines for help. Many of those who were in need five years ago are much worse off today.

The goal of Bracken’s Kitchen is to address the issue of food insecurity in Orange County through the use of mobile kitchens or food trucks. With the growing popularity of these “restaurants on wheels’ we hope to bring a high quality and healthy meal to those who need it most. Equally important is our goal to feed that great meal in a dignified and fun environment that truly creates a wonderful and positive experience.

We are currently partnering with other likeminded organizations in order to have a more immediate impact on those in need. Illuminations Foundation, Miracles for Kids and Working Wardrobes are just a few of the wonderful organizations that we are partnering or in discussions with to feed those in need.

As we grow our business we will strive to have a bigger impact on hunger by becoming a place of employment for those who would work for and with us. As the age old saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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